Gihon Betting

Gihon Betting is an online sportsbook that has generated interest among bettors for its range of betting options and features. This platform caters to various preferences, offering betting markets across a number of sports including football, basketball, tennis, volleyball, handball, baseball, and table tennis. It’s designed to appeal to a wide audience, from seasoned bettors to those new to the scene, by providing an intuitive user interface, competitive odds, and a variety of bet types.

Key Highlights

Market and Betting Options

Gihon Betting provides a wide range of betting markets, particularly excelling in football, where it offers extensive coverage of leagues and a variety of betting options. This extensive coverage extends to other sports, ensuring bettors have access to a diverse selection of events and tournaments​​.


While Gihon Betting has its strengths, such as a user-friendly interface and a quite wide range of betting markets, there are areas for improvement. The platform could benefit from expanding its payment options and resolving any issues with existing ones. Additionally, introducing more direct support options like live chat could enhance the user experience​​​​.

Gihon Betting stands out as a quite commendable local site when compared to other Ethiopian bookmakers, offering a user-friendly interface and a broad selection of betting markets. However, when stacked against international bookmakers, its odds may not be as competitive, and the promotions and bonuses offered by international platforms tend to be more substantial​​​​​​. This distinction is crucial for bettors weighing their options between local and international betting services. While Gihon Betting provides a solid betting experience within the Ethiopian market, those looking for better odds and more lucrative bonuses might find international bookmakers more appealing.

In conclusion, Gihon Betting presents a solid option for bettors looking for a diverse range of sports markets and betting types. With its modern interface and mobile compatibility, it caters well to the needs of today’s bettors. However, potential users should be aware of the limitations in payment and support options. As always, we encourage you to exercise responsible gambling practices and most likely you will find better odds, bonuses and promotions at promiment international bookmakers.

Pros of Gihon Betting

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Gihon Betting offers a sleek and modern platform that is easy to navigate, ensuring a smooth betting experience for both new and experienced bettors​​.
  2. Wide Range of Betting Markets: Bettors have access to quite a diverse selection of sports including football, basketball, tennis, and more, catering to a wide range of interests​​​​.
  3. Mobile Compatibility: The site is optimized for mobile use, allowing bettors to place bets on the go without the need for downloading a separate app​​.
  4. Promotional Campaigns: Although Gihon Betting does not offer a welcome bonus for new members, it runs various promotional campaigns and offers a cashback option, adding value for bettors​​.
  5. Customer Support: Gihon Betting provides direct support options via phone and email, ensuring bettors can receive assistance when needed​​​​.

Cons of Gihon Betting

  1. Limited Payment Options: The platform has room for improvement in its banking options, with some payment methods experiencing issues and a limited selection available​​.
  2. No Welcome Bonus for New Members: Unlike many competitors, Gihon Betting does not offer a welcome bonus to new users, which could be a drawback for those expecting an initial incentive​​.
  3. Limited Support Options: The absence of a live chat feature means that real-time assistance is not available, which could hinder the resolution of urgent issues​​.
  4. Limited Sports Coverage Compared to International Bookmakers: While it offers a good range for a local site, Gihon Betting’s sports coverage and betting options might not be as extensive as those offered by larger, international bookmakers​​.
  5. Competitive Odds: Gihon Betting’s odds may not be as competitive as those offered by international platforms, potentially offering lower returns on bets for the users​​.