List of all Ethiopia Betting sites 2024

Here you can see all Ethiopian bookmakers (betting sites which have roots in Ethiopia or at least somewhere in the region and are actively offering their services for Ethiopian bettors), as of June 2024, listed in alphabetical order. For more info on each of them you can click the link at the last column, there you will have either full review done by us or a more brief info we have gathered for you.

Important! Betting sites listed here do not mean we recommend using them! This is just a comprehensive list of all the names in the market. Actually, we believe it is best to be very selective, as many local bookmakers either lack truthworthiness, good offers or good odds… and most likely will not be operating long term. Click here to see a list of local bookmakers that, due to various reasons, have discontinued their operations. As you will be able to see, there are quite many, which underscores the importance of selecting a reputable bookmaker. Opting for a well-established and trustworthy betting platform is crucial, as it significantly reduces the risks associated with less reliable bookmakers suddenly stoping their operations and most likely you losing some or even all of your money.

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Name of Betting SiteAKA (Also known as)Website addressMore info
24 Bet24 betting, Bet24, Betting 2424bet.etclick here for more info
2x Sport2x Sport Betting, 2x Bet2xsport.com2x Sport review
Activ BetActivbet, Activ Bettingactivbet.comActivBet review
Addis BetBet Addis Ethiopiabetaddiset.comAddis Bet review
AfroSports BetAfro Sport betting, Afro Bettingafrobetting.netclick here for more info
Axum BettingAxum Betaxumbet.comclick here for more info
BestBetBest Bet, Best Bettingbestbet.betclick here for more info
Bet251251betbet251.netclick here for more info
Bet994994bet, 994 bettingbet994.betBet994 review
BetBetoBeto Bet, Beto Bettingbetbeto.etBetBeto review
BetikaBetika Ethiopia, Betika Sport review
Betking Sport BettingBetking Betting, Betkings Betwww.betking.comBetking review
BetMasterBetmaster Bettingbetmaster.etBetMaster review
Bravo Bet Bravo Bet, Bravo Sport Bettingbravobet.etBravo Bet review
Champions BetChampion Betting Ethiopiachampionbet.etChampions Bet review
EnjoyBettingEnjoy Betting, EnjoybetEnjoybetting.etmore info on Enjoybetting
Ethio BetEthio Bettingethiobet.etEthioBet review
Ethiowin BetEthiowinBet, Ethiowin Bettingethiowinbet.comEthiowinbet review
Fanos BetFanos Sport Bettingfanosbet.comFanos Bet review
Fidel BetFidelbet, Fidel sport bettingfidelsport.comFidel Bet review
Galaxy BetGalaxy Bettinggalaxy.betGalaxy Bet review
Gihon BettingGihon Betgihonbetting.netGihon Betting review
Grand BetGrandBet, Grand Bettinggrandbet.etGrand Bet review
Habesha BetHabesha Bettinghabeshabets.comHabesha Bets review
Harifsport BettingHarif Betting, Harifsport Betharifsport.comHarif Sport review
Hola BetHolaBet, Hola Bettinghola.betHola Bet review
HuluSport BettingHulu Sport Bethulusport.comHulu Sport review
Jambo BetJambo Sports Bettingjambobet.betJambo Bet review
Kana Bet Kana, kanabet.comKana Bet review
Kuas BetKuas Bettingkuas.betKuas Bet review
Lali BetLalibet, Lali Bettinglalibet.etLali Bet review
LineBetLineBettinglinebet.comLineBet review
OdibetsOdi Bet, Odi
PowerBetPower Betting, Power Betpowerbet.etPowerBet review
Qwick BetQwick betting, Qwickbetqwickbet.comclick here more info
Qwick BirrQwickBirrqwickbirr.comreview of QwickBirr
Score BetScore Bettingscorebet.etclick here for more info
Smart BettingSmart Bet Ethiopiasmartbet.etSmart Betting review
Utop BetUtopbet, Utop Betting Ethiopiautop-et.comclick here for more info
Vamos BetVamos Bettingvamos.betVamos Bet review
Vegas BetVegas Sports Bettingvegasbet.etVegas Bet review
Waliya BetWaliya Betting, Walia Betwaliyabet.etclick here for review
WinbirrWinbirr Bet, Winbirr Sports Bettingwinbirr.comWinBirr review
Winner ETWinner Bet, Winner Betting Ethiopiawinner.etWinner ET review
WinWin BetBetWinWins, Winwin Bettingwinwin.etWinWin Bet review
Zemen BetZemenbet, Zemen Bettingzemenbet.comclick here for more info
Zura PlayZura Bet, Zura Bettingzuraplay.comZura play review
List of all active Ethiopia betting sites
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